Friday, May 4, 2012

Start Living

I started this blog three years ago as a step of faith.  I had felt God's prompting for a ministry.  It was a dream to encourage women.  I started this blog as a way to convey my heart's struggles and to try and flush out the inner workings in my head.  My dream, it has come to be through Charis Opportunites.  It doesn't look the same as the dream but it is good,it is better, God is faithful and He knew the "look"  it needed to be.  I am humbled and blessed. 

This blog was a way to start me writing, God also spoke to me several years ago about writing a book.  He gave me the subject, name and ideas for it.  I finally started writing it several weeks ago.  Why so long?  I needed to deal with anger and grief again so that I could come out of it stronger and more prepared to write.  Many of the postings from this blog will appear in this book.  I am scared, scared of what you ask?  Scared of honesty and rawness, but I realized today, I don't have faith in myself.  My husband Brad is such an encouragment to me.  He continually makes statements to me about writing and why I am not doing it.  Well today something clicked.  He sent me a link to and I started reading the post for today.  Here is one of the things that hit me hard:

 "If you have a dream or calling you’re not yet living into, it’s time to get to work:

1. Declare you are what you’re waiting to be.

2. Believe in your dream before you see it.

3. And then do it.

Remember: Until you start living it, you’re only dreaming.
This was written by Jeff Goins

I want to start living and stop dreaming when it comes to writing.  I want to be a writer. Because of my insecurities or to be honest lack of faith I don't see myself as such, but with God's help and His Holy Spirit prompting, I am moving ahead and going to put those words onto a page and I will be a writer.

I have a post on today through I invite you to hop over there and read it!

Feeling blessed beyond words....  Lisa

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